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February 1, 2006

Dear Himemiya Network Visitor,

As you may have seen, the site has not been updated in quite a while. This has not been due to my lack of interest in anime or even Himemiya Anthy-related matters at all, but due to my time and energy becoming occupied by the pursuit of my art in college and other responsibilities.

However, this does not mean I haven't been active online.. In fact, I've been incredibly active. The new projects I've been focusing on have been my Illustration Portfolio at AliceMeichi.com and my Merchandise Store, which are actually receiving regular updates. (Gasp!)

Other than that, you can find the fanlistings and other internet pursuits that I've been maintaining below. :) Eventually I will add these to Himemiya.net somehow and update it with a new design.. It's just that it's sort of a hassle at the moment, since newer versions of Internet Explorer and other such browsers like Firefox are not supporting certain DHTML scripting that I'd been using on Himemiya.net anymore so I'd have to do a complete overhaul of the layout in order to make it easier to update, functional, and navigatable. Also, there are new projects planned for Himemiya.net in the (hopefully) near future.. But due to my hectic schedule, I can never make promises.

Until then, please do enjoy the following sites that I regularly maintain or go on to visit the old index of Himemiya.net. :)

Himemiya / Alice Meichi Li

Alice Meichi Li: Illustration Portfolio

AliceMeichi.com Store

Prints, artbooks, merchandise


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Series: Fables (comic)

Lunar Eclipse

Character: Himemiya Chikane
Series: Kannazuki no Miko (anime)
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