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Most of these one-of-a-kind items were purchased directly from Tokyo's Harajuku district, the center of trendy Japanese street fashion! Japanese street fashion is all about creativity rather than cookie-cutter, mass-produced clothing you see at every store in the mall. Each little boutique in Harajuku has something unique and different each piece of clothing to offer.
Visual Kei Butterfly Bondage Top With Detachable Arm-Warmers
Brand: Mari's Rock
Size: Medium
Condition: New
Truly one-of-a-kind, the paint splatter distressing and stenciling on this top and accessories is done by hand and unique to every top that was made. Originally 25,000 yen or roughly $210. Includes arm-warmer accessories that attach to the top with a metal clasp.

There is enormous attention to detail in this top. Every detail you see is fully functional -- every snap button opens, every zipper zips, and every clasp works. And let's face it -- the goth Engrish is awesome.

Detail Views
Detachable Arm-Warmers
Grommets Lining the Arm-Warmers
Right Arm-Warmer Attached to Top
Left Arm-Warmer Attached to Top
Full-View of Top with Attached Arm-Warmers
Detail of Bondage Straps and Functional Zipper
Detail of Botton Bondage Straps and Functional Snap Button
Close-Up of Engrish Designs
Second Close-Up of Engrish Designs
Visual Kei Butterfly Fingerless Gloves
Brand: Mari's Rock
Size: One Size Fits All
Condition: New
Alternate accessory to the Visual Kei Butterfly Bondage Top, the paint stenciling on these gloves are also carefully done by hand and unique to each piece.
Detail Views
Both Gloves
Elegant Gothic Lolita Maid Headpiece
Brand: Delirium Kawaii
Size: One Size Fits All
Condition: New
Red satin and ruffled black lace with black lace covering. Black satin ribbons finish each side, and ties beneath your chin.
Pleated Embroidered Plum Top
Brand: Silent Worth
Size: US Small
Condition: New
Detail Views
Adjustable Lacy Straps
Ornate Embroidered Bodice
Two Sheer Layers
Antique White Lacy Top
Brand: Gleeful
Size: US Small
Condition: New
Detail Views
Full-View, Laying Flat
Delicate Back Detail
Whimsical Layering at Bottom
Detail of Bottom
Detail of Lace on Bodice
Pink Floral Fluttery Top
Brand: Par Avion
Size: X-Small
Condition: New
Detail Views
Bodice Detail with Lace and Ribbons
Bottom with Delicate Metallic Detail
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