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Limited Edition Utena Premium Watch - VERY rare!
Only 550 of these EVER made! Silhouettes of Utena and Anthy circle the rose signet as the second hand, emulating the TV opening sequence. Never before used or worn, the seal is still on the battery. The band is black leather with silver accents. A holographic certificate of authencity numbers this officially-released limited edition -- #497 out of 550.
Detail Views
Box Cover
Limited Edition Numbering
Holographic Side of Certificate
Utena Movie Special Edition Rose Signet Ring - Rare!
American size 6 or Japanese size 12, never worn, and in perfect condition. Comes with a silver chain to wear around your neck and stored in a distinguished black velvet jewelry box. Officially-released special edition.
Detail Views
Close-Up, Out of Box
Limited Edition Rose-Border Utena Mirror - Rare!
Straight from Tokyo -- this is rare, official Utena merchandise with a black rose border printed on a standable mirror and a delicate engraving of the Utena rose signet logo on the front when it's closed.
Detail Views
Standing Up Vertically
Laying Down, Open
Front Cover, with Engraving
Shoujo Kakumei Utena Art Collection
145 color pages. Artbook collecting a vast amount of promotional artwork for the television series, including a sealed interview section with the creators. As you can tell from the photograph, the sealed section is still unopened and in perfect condition.
Detail Views
Front with Wraparound Ad Flap
Back with Wraparound Ad Flap
Beneath the Dustcover
Sealed Interview Section
Samples of Interior Art
Utena and Anthy Translucent Binder - Rare!
Utena-themed school binder with custom notebook sheets and multi-colored Utena dividers. A rare find, straight from Tokyo!
Detail Views
Back Cover
Utena Doujinshi
198 black and white pages in Japanese, and a color double-sided fold out mini poster.
Detail Views
Interior, with Fold-Out Poster
Interior Manga Pages
Set of 2 Utena Script Books - Rare!
Utena - 259 black and white pages, Japanese. Anthy - 187 black and white pages, Japanese. Both books contain scripts for the television series and a small color art poster each. There is some bending on lower left corner of the Utena book, but nothing significant.
Detail Views
Beneath the Dustcovers
Interior with Mini-Posters
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